Safety: no compromises

A commitment to customers and staff

A culture of safety

At Legacy Cooperative, we take safety seriously. So much so that it’s our first core value. Our commitment to safety is a mindset. By always being aware of best practices and executing them, we demonstrate the highest level of care for employees and customers. 

Legacy Cooperative is devoted to continually growing and developing our Safety Culture. The following Safety & Health functions are examples of some of the ways we actively engage in eliminating accidents and health hazards for our employees, patrons & visitors.

  • Safety Program Implementation to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees and guests. 
  • Safety Training and Inspections that cover potential safety and health hazards. We seek to eliminate or minimize hazards through safe work practices and procedures. 
  • An Active Safety Committee because some of the best safety improvement ideas come from our fellow employees.

Our Safety Promises

  • Safety comes before all other concerns. 
  • Legacy Cooperative will never sacrifice safety for any reason.
  • Production concerns, time limitations or unexpected problems never justify unsafe or unhealthy procedures. 
  • Legacy Cooperative is actively involved in improving safety and health in the lives of our communities.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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Outreach, Events & Happenings

Come back often to see what new events and happenings are scheduled.

Congratulations to Janice Sappington for receiving the 2023 1st quarter Safety Initiative Program $25 gift card. Janice's Idea was to have Narcan available at all Legacy Cooperative C-Stores.

Bisbee Fire Department Tour on April 24th, 2023

Congratulations to Chris Tastad on winning a $25 gift card for the Safety Initiative Program!

Congratulations on Jen Daniels on receiving the first $25 gift card for the Safety Initiative Program.

Safety Week Aug 1-5th, 2022

Rolla School District drivers attended Legacy Cooperative’s Propane Cylinder Fill and Autogas safety training event on Sept 28th

Spring is upon us, please take time to properly communicate with your co-workers.

Safety Committee

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